How to disable Control+Alt+S shortcut in MATE

The shortcut conflicts with Notepad++, here's how to disable it.

  1. Method 1
  2. Method 2

Control+Alt+S shortcut is used for toggling shaded state in MATE desktop environment. Once toggled, a window’s content is hidden except for the title bar. It’s useful for peeking at the content behind a window. I personally never use it as I usually just Alt+Tab or place two windows side by side. I prefer to disable it so I can use the ‘Save As’ shortcut in Notepad++.

There are two methods of disabling the shortcut. Use the second method if Compiz is enabled with CCSM (CompizConfig Settings Manager).

Method 1 §

Look for Toggle shaded state in Keyboard Shortcuts. Disable the shortcut by clicking on the Ctrl+Alt+S and backspace.

Method 2 §

If you use Compiz, the shortcut is not shown in Keyboard Shortcuts due to conflict with CSSM. You need to manually disable it by editing a dconf value. dconf value can be easily edited through dconf-editor which you can install through apt or any other package managers.

Launch dconf-editor and search (click on the search icon on top right corner or just Ctrl+F) for ‘shaded’.

Search for 'shaded' in dconf-editor

Simply navigate into


Toggle ‘Use default value’ to off, and set the custom value as disabled.

Finally, disable the shortcut in CCSM. Go to General Options > Key bindings (tab) > Toggle Window Shaded (last value).

Disable Shaded Window in CCSM