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About Me §

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Projects §

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Architecture §

Architecture behind mdleom.com

mdleom.com is served from two identical VMs hosted in a cloud provider. The VMs are using NixOS and Caddy web server. The web server functions as a file server to serve static website. Each VM has cloudflared to connect the web server to Cloudflare CDN using an outbound tunnel. Each cloudflared instance acts as a replica that connects to the same tunnel to provide failover.

The web server is able to failover to mirrors (Cloudflare Pages, Netlify, GitLab Pages and GitHub Pages). Blog content is deployed from a GitLab repository which hosts the source. The source is compiled to static site using Hexo. The repo also hosts images and attachments; images are resized on-the-fly using Statically.

More details are available in the following series of posts:

Services §

Publications §

  • Leom, MD, Deegan, G, Martini, B & Boland, J 2021, ‘Information disclosure in mobile device: examining the influence of information relevance and recipient’, HICSS, pp. 4632-4640. PDF
  • Leom, MD 2020, ‘User privacy preservation on mobile devices: investigating the role of contextual integrity’, PhD thesis, University of South Australia. PDF
  • Leom, MD, Choo, K-KR & Hunt, R 2016, ‘Remote wiping and secure deletion on mobile devices: a review’, Journal of Forensic Sciences, pp. 1-20, doi: 10.1111/1556-4029.13203. Postprint
  • Leom, MD 2015, ‘Remote wiping in Android’, MSc thesis, University of South Australia. PDF
  • Leom, MD, D’orazio, CJ, Deegan, G & Choo, K-KR 2015, ‘Forensic collection and analysis of thumbnails in Android’, Trustcom/BigDataSE/ISPA, IEEE, pp. 1059-66, doi: 10.1109/Trustcom.2015.483. Postprint