You should switch to these replacements of TrueCrypt/KeePassX/Adblock Plus

Some have been discontinued while others have been commercialised.

  1. VeraCrypt
  2. KeePassXC
  3. uBlock Origin
  4. Miscellaneous

TrueCrypt and KeePassX have been discontinued while Adblock Plus has been commercialised. Their replacements are VeraCrypt, KeePassXC and uBlock Origin respectively.

VeraCrypt §

Screenshot of VeraCrypt

VeraCrypt is a fork of the discontinued TrueCrypt. It includes security improvements and fixes over the original—for example using much higher iterations (327,661-655,331 vs 1,000-2,000) to generate the header key—to make brute force more costly. This improvement along with supporting more ciphers and their combinations, means its storage format is incompatible to the original’s. User still has the option to open TrueCrypt volume and (optionally, but recommended) convert it to VeraCrypt format.

KeePassXC §

Screenshot of KeePassXC

KeePassXC is a fork of the discontinued KeePassX. KeePassX started out as a Linux port of (previously Windows-only) KeePass. While both eventually become cross-platform, I stick with KeePassX (even on Windows) for being lighter and quicker to launch. The Mono-developed KeePass—like Java—makes it not quite as native as Qt-developed KeePass, thus feels slower on Linux. It last released in October 2016 with no further update since then.

Notable improvements of KeePassXC including KDBX 4.0 format support and YubiKey support (incompatible with KeePass2). KDBX 4.0 adds support for ChaCha20 cipher, Argon2 key derivation function and other enhancements.

uBlock Origin §

Screenshot of uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin (uBO) is a popular ad blocker well-known for its low memory and CPU usage (compared to other ad blockers). The dynamic filtering allows granular control over filtering rules. It supports HOSTS syntax for blocking malicious websites. I created a blocklist based on the URLhaus.

Miscellaneous §

Meanwhile, for server environment:

Software | Replacement | Comment
— | —
MySQL | MariaDB
ownCloud | Nextcloud
Apache/nginx | Caddy | It’s not a direct replacement, rather a web server that prioritise secure-by-default.